True POTS Replacement Compliance with Verizon

CSG is proud to be the exclusive Verizon channel distributor for the POTS Replacement Solutions. By August 2nd, 2022, all POTS lines will need to be updated to current technology. This includes extremely critical LIFE/FIRE/SAFETY lines. ALL POTS REPLACEMENT SOLUTIONS ARE NOT BUILT THE SAME!

The Epik Box solution does not EMULATE a dial tone like other solutions that are essentially just an ATA in a box with a modem.

It creates true end-to-end management of network facilities ON-SITE with “Central Office” functionality. This is IMPERATIVE to true compliance on critical Life /Fire / Safety lines where code insists that the “primary performance requirement is that the voice communication provider own and operate the physical network facilities end-to-end from the PSTN to the fire alarm system”. The NFPA calls this central office functionality an MFVN, or Managed Facilities Voice Network and implicitly states that “Only voice services provided by MFVN’s are allowed under the code”. The Epik Box is the ONLY cellular based solution we have found to truly be an MFVN and therefore completely compliant with NFPA regulations and recommendations.

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