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Connected Solutions Group: Your Gateway to Apple Solutions

Empowering Your Business with Apple Hardware

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Apple Solutions: Unmatched Expertise and Value

At Connected Solutions Group (CSG), we understand the critical role technology plays in driving business success. As an authorized Apple reseller, we offer comprehensive Apple solutions tailored to your evolving business needs. Our commitment to providing exceptional value, choice, and expertise positions us at the forefront of today’s competitive IT landscape.

Let CSG show you how well Apple products integrate into your existing IT environment and drive productivity.

See if Apple is right for you

Deployment Made Simple

Hands-Free Deployment

Revolutionize how you set up Apple devices in your organization. With our in-house deployment services, iPhones, iPads, and Macs are configured by our team before deployment to your workforce, eliminating the burden on your IT teams.

Apple Business Manager Assistance

Our in-house Professional Services team is here to help you navigate the use of Apple’s complimentary enrollment tool, designed for managing corporate-owned iOS devices. This tool enables you to link your corporate devices to an MDM solution, create corporate-owned Managed IDs, and efficiently purchase and distribute apps to your organization’s devices. Allow us to eliminate the burden of your IT teams.

Comprehensive Support

Whether you’re new to Apple products or seeking to enhance your current setup, our internal Managed Services team is here to help. We ensure your infrastructure is ready for Apple device deployment, management, and security. Our team can assist with setting up your Apple devices within an existing portal or help implement a new mobile device management (MDM) portal configured by our trained MDM Professional Services team.

Great Tools. Great Price.

Innovative Financing with CSG DaaS: Integrating Apple products into your workspace is now more accessible than ever. Our flexible financing options ensure you have the necessary tools and services, exactly when you need them.

Take Advantage of a Free Consultation

Wondering if your organization is ready for everything Apple? Our Technology Readiness Review offers a seamless way to assess your business environment in line with Apple’s best practices. Get information on a customized solution encompassing the best Apple products, software, and services, perfectly aligned with your organizational needs.

Technology Readiness Review

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