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Protect yourself against lost internet connectivity. Replace your telephone lines for burglar detection, universal usage, intrusion alerting, fire alarms, elevators, and more.

Construction Site Wifi and IOT Connectivity Solutions

Digital technology is making construction sites efficient, future-ready, and productive. But companies have to adapt quickly to stay at the leading edge of the construction industry. 

CSG provides the industry’s best military-grade and IP-rated handsets, tablets, routers, and trackers. Our expert team also custom engineers connectivity solutions to ensure your construction site has the capacity it needs to achieve project success in any environment. 

Contact CSG today to learn more. 

Let CSG Empower Your Construction Site with Transformative Connectivity Technologies

Digital tools and reliable wireless connectivity are transforming the way the industry builds. Site managers have more ways to analyze data and streamline communications, and IoT devices provide real-time insights that empower decision-makers to optimize results.

But keeping up with fast-paced change isn’t easy. Your construction company has unique needs, and without expertise in wireless connectivity solutions and IoT ecosystems, you won’t know what hardware and software will best serve your construction site environments. And implementing revenue-saving technologies in a remote environment is a major challenge.

That’s where the team at CSG comes in. We ensure you have remote wifi connectivity, no matter how rough and rugged the job site conditions. Not only that, but we also make the impossible possible at an affordable price. CSG turns consumer-grade devices into rugged solutions using industry-leading hardware and accessories.

With a leadership team that has over 70 years of combined experience in the wireless equipment space, we know what to use, how to procure the right tools, and even how to build our wireless products. We also understand the importance of affordability and engineering enterprise-quality wireless connectivity solutions that can withstand rough, harsh, and rugged environments that fit within the budgets of small and mid-sized construction companies. 

Technology is pushing the industry forward fast. Don’t get left behind. Contact CSG today and let us know what we can do for you. 

Custom Engineering

Get the construction connectivity solution that fits your requirements and budget. 


You can relax while we handle everything from product design to installation and ongoing support. 


CSG specializes in building protected construction solutions for your internet connection, even in harsh environments. 

Stay Connected with Wireless Solutions for Rugged Construction Job Sites

When your construction site is in the middle of nowhere, just any plain wireless solution won’t cut it. You need equipment that can handle a rough environment without skimping on connectivity. It’s also critical that your entire ecosystem is secure. 

CSG ensures you have the rugged solutions you need to keep productivity going, maximize safety, and make data-backed decisions. We help bring your construction organization into the future. Let our expert team know what you need, and we handle the rest.

Leverage IoT Connectivity on Your Construction Sites

IoT technology unlocks the near-endless potential to optimize your job sites. With a reliable internet connection and IoT sensors, construction project managers have the capabilities they need to avoid cost overruns and project delays, monitor job site conditions, and keep their construction workers safe. 

Use Real-Time Information to Monitor Your Job Site

Collect data on the construction site environment, including conditions that impact worker safety, equipment capabilities, and productivity, such as temperature, humidity, and noise levels.

Wearable IoT devices also help minimize accidents. With high-speed connectivity, your systems will alert site managers to potential dangers, enabling them to stop accidents before they happen. 

Boost Efficiency with Connected Technology

Underutilized equipment and a lack of visibility into day-to-day operations can lead to short-sighted project plans and expensive delays.

IoT connectivity lets your construction site managers track resources and activity so they can identify logistical inefficiencies and streamline operations. 

Become a Predictive Problem-Solving Company

The construction industry will continue to change. Companies already leveraging advanced connectivity solutions will have the insights and capabilities required to prepare for tomorrow.

From artificial intelligence enabled critical asset tracking to automation, we enable your company to stay ahead of the game. 

Future-Proof Your Company with Connected Construction Solutions from CSG

Connected Solutions Group is the wireless connectivity solutions provider construction companies trust to handle tough, complicated, and rugged jobs. Our expert team gives you an end-to-end solution, unlocking your company’s potential and boosting efficiency, productivity, security, and safety in any environment. 

Whether you need temporary networks for a construction site or an innovative ecosystem built and installed in a remote area, we handle everything from design to implementation. 

At CSG, we custom engineer products and service construction businesses of any size. Get in touch today, and let us help you with all your network construction needs. 

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