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One of our foundational bricks is SERVANTHOOD.  It is a privilege to serve our customers and invest in long-lasting partnerships.


One of our foundational bricks is SERVANTHOOD.  It is a privilege to serve our customers and invest in long-lasting partnerships.

Customer Testimonials

Please share with your team at CSG that their work is having a very real and positive impact on the Covid response effort. This is the fifth MCC mini we have purchased. In addition to the testing we do at our clinics the MCC minis have made it much easier for InterCare to deploy teams out into the community to provide Covid testing to underserved communities in Southwest Michigan. Using MCC minis our staff need only push one button to get reliable connectivity back the corporate network and our EMR system. Real time access to the EMR helps them be more efficient and test more people per day.”

David Smith
Intercare Community of Health Network


First and foremost, I hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe during all of this. I am sure this is a cray (crazy) and hectic time for CSG as technology is such a big part of making everything work throughout this pandemic. We were just starting to get the iPads into the hands of our students before this whole crisis happened. I was going to wait to share until we had some more images, but I just wanted to THANK YOU and let you know that your efforts and generosity are so appreciated. Thank you so much for supporting all of us and everyone else that you do! We will continue to update you when we are back to normal!
Stay healthy and safe and thank you again!

Best, Jackie
Speech Language & Pathology Institute of NJ

Dear Mr. Pittman & Ms. Turner,
I’d like to compliment and thank one of your employees, Lori Fazio, Project Coordinator, for the excellent customer service and support she has provided me during our transition from Verizon landline to Verizon One Talk. Ms. Fazio has made this transition seamless from the start. From scheduling the install of new phone, the programming and training, Ms. Fazio, has made sure to be available to answer the million questions I have had. She has eased my mind by always assuring me that I can reach out to her if I need anything while we are still getting used to this new system.

Ms. Fazio has a caring approach and is a true professional. Such a commitment to great customer service and customer satisfaction is to be commended.

My sincere thanks and appreciation for all her help and always going above and beyond!

Center for Veterinary Care

Dear Ms. Turner,
I wanted to let you know about an excellent customer service experience I have had with a member of your staff: Nate Cooper – [email protected]. He was great throughout the original One-Talk set-up process last week. But it’s what happened next that really distinguished him, at least in my view.

Short history – we essentially took my cell phone number, which I used for my business, and via One Talk, converted it to a full business line with an auto attendant, phone tree so folks could get a hold of my staff (without me having to give out their cell phone numbers), and it all seemed to work really well. As a result of all of this, I also received a new personal cell phone line, as my original line was now the One-Talk line.

Well that was great, right up until I tried to open my PayPal account, and they wanted to send a verification code to my former cell phone number. Well, I couldn’t sign in because I couldn’t receive the verification code. Simple fix, right?, just call PayPal, no problem…. Or so I thought. After days of their auto attendant taking me down a bunch of options, then being told there was nobody available (Covid 19, I guess) to help me, the auto attendant would hang up on me – over a dozen times! I used their on-line chat feature and tried three different people who had no idea what I was trying to do, and once I finally got them to understand what I needed, they were not empowered to help me. One person said they would have someone call me. Well, that was two days ago…crickets!

So, I thought I would try from the other end, and sent a note to Nate yesterday. Nate got back in touch, did a bunch of research (because this isn’t a question that comes up every day!), called me back, and walked me through a process that allowed me to get the Security Code I needed from PayPal. Nate was patient, his instructions clear, he was at all times friendly and professional, and I truly appreciate what he did for me today. It fixed a really big problem.

So, I just wanted to let you know that Nate did a terrific job for me, and went above and beyond to solve a tricky problem. I hope you are able to recognize him in an appropriate way.

Best regards,

Jim Marco President, Principal Consultant
Saratoga Human Resources Solutions, Inc.

“Our company has been a customer of Verizon for many years. Recently, I made the decision of switching to their One Talk platform, and we could not be happier. This has become a life saver for our business specially during this difficult time of Covid-19 pandemic. We have been able to work from home and continue providing and meeting our customer needs seamlessly. From the beginning to end, this transition has been smooth, delivered with the quality and upmost (quality, and utmost) professionalism. Lori and Enrico, have both been extremely helpful and friendly, always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we are happy. I would highly recommend this wonderful team.”

Laura Giannitelli
Nettech Corp.