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Connected Solutions Group was purpose built to provide a special workplace environment that always puts our people first.


Connected Solutions Group was built first and foremost to be a tremendous and diverse place to work.

The 5 Building Bricks of CSG

Servanthood – “The act of serving others”

CSG Application:  Our foundational brick. You are employed here to provide for yourself and your family, but we accomplish that by serving others.  The person next to you. Your boss. Our partners. Our customers.  Putting the needs of others first facilitates development of everyone around you which instantly delivers a higher level of performance in every facet of our organization. Embracing the true “servants” mentality is the fastest path toward professional growth at our organization. 

Humility – “A modest view of one’s own importance, humbleness”.

CSG Application:  Recognize your strengths while having the self-awareness to improve upon your weaknesses. Understand that you do not have all the answers, and be big enough to absorb and learn from your managers and peers. Succeed and fail together, never too high, never too low. Be a part of something bigger than you, and assign more credit for success to your peers than you claim for yourself. 

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Passion – “A strong and barely controllable emotion.”

CSG Application:  You have a platform at this organization. A place to speak up, drive the conversation, make changes, and be a part of something bigger than yourself. This applies if you are at the lowest entry level position at the company up through top-level management. Arrive at this office every day with a sense of purpose and leave knowing you put in a honest day’s work that can have a positive impact on much more than yourself. You don’t have to have a passion for wireless devices.  Bring a passion for advancing yourself and the people around you.

Unity – “The state of being united or joined as a whole.”

CSG Application: Perhaps the simplest of applications, there is nothing like working together for a common goal and sharing in the successes with your colleagues. We see and interact with each other as much or more than we do our own families. We must act as a unit, pick each other up, positively reinforce our community, and rise above petty differences. One of the fastest ways to personal advancement in title and compensation at this organization is through exhibiting the qualities of UNITY, putting the big picture ahead of yourself.

Thankfulness – “Consciousness of benefit received.”

CSG Application:  Be thankful for the opportunities we have at this growing organization, that our partners entrust us with their customers, that you will always be appreciated and taken seriously. Recognize peers who have helped you in a short term project or long term development and be thankful for their involvement.  Thankfulness also speaks to positivity, focusing on a good energy and mindset that will translate to your peers and our customers creating an uplifting work environment. 


The Mantra of CSG. Take any problem that arises and show your colleagues and customers YOU CARE by not pointing fingers, deflecting, delaying your response or pushing it on others. Tackle the problem head on, run to it, and you will find, often this leads to a stronger bond with those involved then if there had never been a problem at all.
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