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Created in 2015 to fill the gaps between carrier, device manufacturer, and end-user in effectively deploying wireless equipment for business

Who We Are

Created in 2015 to fill the gaps between carrier, device manufacturer, and end-user in effectively deploying wireless equipment for business.

The gaps were clear

The nation’s largest wireless carriers were showing a desire to be less involved with stocking and deploying actual hardware, while naturally focusing on their network and services. The device manufacturers were focusing on distributing their products and creating the latest and greatest, which made post-sale support on existing technology cumbersome. In the middle was the customer, relying on both the network and the equipment to provide a mission critical application for their organization. In many circumstances, it was up to them to put the pieces together and make each device do exactly what they needed it to do to make their organization better.
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Enter CSG

By forging strong relationships with both sides of this equation—the carrier and the OEM—and proving to them that our involvement leads to a much better customer experience, a new kind of “Value Added Reseller” was born.  The customer can purchase equipment and deploy it without allocating internal resources into configuration and installation, the manufacturer does not need to allocate the resources to support the product long term, and the carrier gets to leverage these services as a prime selling point for their customers.  All sides benefit from the involvement of CSG.  
In 2017 Connected Solutions Group signed an exclusive agreement with Verizon Wireless as an Elite Partner, one of 6 nationwide, to participate in joint selling of Verizon business solutions.  As growth began to scale dramatically, CEO Mike Pittman expanded his executive staff to include a hand-picked team of 7 industry veterans that he had worked with directly over a 15-year career.   This expansion fueled further growth and in 2019, CSG was named the fastest growing company in the country in Telecommunications, and the 8th fastest growing company in the country overall by Inc. magazine.
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Ultimately the company is successful because of a positive employee first culture and a relentless approach to customer satisfaction.  Fueled by the 5 building bricks of the organization (Humility, Passion, Servanthood, Thankfulness, and Unity), the company culture is built to withstand and excel in the face of adversity.  When things need an extra level of attention, this staff is willing to rise to the occasion and go above and beyond.  
This is what separates CSG from other hardware resellers and is what Pittman attributes most to the accelerated growth.
If your organization is deploying wireless technology today, investing in IoT and the new phases of mobility tomorrow, or preparing for the earth-shattering 5G revolution, you do not need to do this alone.

Imagine a partner that can not only provide you affordable equipment, but can provide an ever-evolving array of services to deploy this technology often at no cost.  It’s not a reseller. It’s not a vendor.  It’s a partner.