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Mobile Command Centers provide fast 5G/LTE connectivity

Mobile Command Center

Exclusively Designed By CSG, Our Mobile Command Center Product Line Features High-Performance WiFi And Industry Leading Value.

Exclusively Designed By CSG , Our Mobile Command Center Product Line Features High-Performance WiFi And Industry Leading Value.

Providing reliable internet connectivity in remote, rugged, and emergency locations, the Mobile Command Center (MCC) ensures that first responders, healthcare services, and businesses have the necessary uptime to fulfill their critical roles.

Equipped with an innovative wireless network and capable of handling wired connections, the Mobile Command Center gives you access to the essential technology you require to save lives and keep running — all at the most affordable cost in the industry.


CSG Mobile Command Center Mini


The ultimate portable and reliable connectivity solution that weighs only 7 LBS and is the size of a lunch box. With its 10,000 mAh lithium battery and intelligent power board, you’ll stay connected on the go no matter the location. The built-in high-gain antenna gives you increased signal capabilities in the most remote locations, while the rugged injection-molded case provides ultimate protection in extreme environments.

With the convenience of remote day-1 connectivity for up to 128 devices at the push of a button, the MINI 2 5G is the perfect solution for those who need reliable, fast, and instant connectivity anytime and anywhere.

CSG Mobile Command Center Mini


Big brother to the MCC MINI 2, the BRUTE is the ultimate connectivity solution for those who demand more. With a larger 64,000 mAh lithium battery, you’ll ensure even longer-lasting connectivity wherever you go. The built-in, high-gain antenna provides even greater signal capabilities, ensuring you stay connected in the most remote locations.

The BRUTE is the ultimate solution for your organizational needs, providing unparalleled power, security, and reliability. The BRUTE is capable of supporting up to 128 connections, ensuring that your organization can not only survive, but thrive, even in the face of connectivity disruptions, remote locations, or natural disasters.


MCC 2.0 (Telephones inside of Case)

Keeping all the moving parts — supplies, people, schedule—in sync at remote sites requires close coordination, communication, and remote data access to cloud-based information and tools.

Purpose-built with ultimate versatility in mind, the MCC 2.0 delivers you an all-in-one solution providing power, internet, and voice in one compact, rugged, and portable design. Keep your workforce connected throughout all project phases with this rugged mobile office kit providing all the same great features needed in a true office environment.

Key Mobile Command Center Benefits

The Mobile Command Center makes it quick and easy to successfully deploy rugged communications, even in the most severe emergencies.

A Mobile Command Center can be set up in a vehicle, or at your desired location, for powerful connectivity and 4G LTE and 5G wireless internet.

Use It in Any Location and Terrain

The Mobile Command Center (MCC) is a portable solution weighing as low as 7 lbs, making it easy to transport with you to any location that needs day-1 connectivity.

Whether you’re doing rapid maintenance in a remote location, are surrounded by water or flash floods or need to deploy higher bandwidth modes of communication for public safety, our line of MCC’s are purpose-built to cover you when you need it most.

Designed for Any Situation

Emergency Response services and mobile command vehicles can use the MCC in the most extreme environments. Our devices offer a wide range of customizations to fit your needs — nighttime visibility, remote access to key configurations, custom mounting hardware, and rugged dependability.

Affordably Priced Communications Services

The CSG MCC devices are some of the most affordable internet solutions in the industry. Designed to help you stay connected no matter what the circumstances, they far surpass any traditional devices in design, technology, and quality.

When you choose to invest in an MCC, you can have peace of mind knowing that our dedicated support team is always available to help you with any issues you may face. We understand how frustrating it can be when technical difficulties arise, and we are committed to providing you with the highest level of support to ensure that your experience with our product is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Choose the Size That Fits Your Needs

MCC devices come in a variety of sizes with different components.

We listen to our customers and understand that different use cases require different solutions. That’s why our range of devices includes the MCC MINI 2 5G, MCC BRUTE, and MCC 2.0. These solutions are ideal for emergency responders, utilities, healthcare, and more. 

We understand that every business has unique needs, which is why we offer the MCC in a variety of sizes and components. 

For those who are constantly on the go, our compact, lunch-box sized MCC MINI 2 is the perfect solution for ultra-portability and easy transport. 

On the other hand, our larger briefcase-sized MCC 2.0 is the ideal choice for those requiring a complete office solution in a single device.

Whether you are a remote worker, a frequent traveler, or simply someone who values flexibility and convenience, our MCC lineup is the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Breakdown of the Mobile Command Center

The Case

All MCC cases are designed with two sturdy latches that securely fasten, ensuring that your unit remains tightly closed and protected from extreme weather at all times. 

Additionally, a padlock cutout is included, which allows you to make your unit tamper-proof for added security. 

To make it even more convenient to transport your unit, our case is also equipped with an ergonomic handle, and wheels (Brute and 2.0), making it easy and comfortable to pull behind you.

Or if the need to be more succinct: 

Our MCC cases feature sturdy latches that keep your unit securely closed and protected from extreme weather. For added security, a padlock cutout allows you to make the unit tamper-proof. For easy transport, the cases come with an ergonomic handle and wheels (Brute and 2.0) for effortless mobility.

WWAN over Cellular or WiFi as WAN

MCC devices are equipped with a business-grade Cradlepoint cellular router to enable WWAN (Wireless WAN) over 5G or 4G LTE cellular networks. Depending on the situation, they are also equipped with WiFi as WAN capabilities to allow for flexible deployments.

Powerful WiFi Connectivity

MCC devices can be equipped with WiFi 6 to allow up to 574 Mbps throughput on 2.4 GHz and 1,200 Mbps throughput on 5 GHz. This also allows you to connect up to 128 individual clients at once. Utilizing some of the advanced QoS policies on the router allows you to prioritize mission-critical devices from regular users. These features are great for temporary internet at big events allowing the POS system to be split from normal users.

Integrated High-Gain Antenna

All MCCs come with a high-gain antenna system built securely inside the lid. High-gain antennas improve overall cellular signal strength and coverage and are particularly useful in areas where cellular coverage is weak or spotty, such as in rural areas or buildings with thick walls.

Reliable Battery

No power? Not a problem. Built securely inside each MCC device, you will find powerful batteries with up to 64,000 mAh to support extended deployments of any kind. With such a large battery, you can stay connected on a single charge. An additional solar charge add-on can be used to extend your runtime even further.

External Ports

MCC units have 2 sealed external LAN and WAN Ethernet ports to enable wired connections easily. Additionally, there are general-purpose USB ports available for charging ancillary devices while in the field.

CSG Mobile Command Centers:
For Your Most Crucial Operations

First Responders

When your focus is emergency response, the Mobile Command Center gives you the ultimate advantage. Our MCCs are equipped with advanced features to keep your team connected with real-time communications to respond and perform at their highest. They’re also FIPS compliant, upon request.

The Mobile Command Center solutions can be customized to serve as communication hubs in the event of a disaster or emergency. CSG also offers customization for Hazmat, Fire, EMS, or Police equipment.


Modern utilities are facing a confluence of challenges. Due to heightened competition, increasing regulations, widely-dispersed assets, and rising public scrutiny, utilities must embrace a robust mobile operations strategy.

CSG has worked with some of the largest utility companies to design next-generation solutions that move utilities into the connected future. What are you doing today that will ready your business for tomorrow?


Mobile Command Centers can help you stabilize your medical mission. CSG’s MCC assists hospitals, clinics, healthcare providers, and additional medical outreach programs by providing reliable, secure, and portable internet on demand.

This increases services to under-served populations that require medical attention and awareness while also offering on-premise 5G/4G LTE continuity. Advanced options allow video and data communications to be used in remote areas via a cellular system.

Event Organizers

Having the ability to set up temporary internet with so many wireless users gives the edge to event organizers. Connect POS systems to the device in areas that do not have any internet connection. You are in control of your internet and do not need to worry about acquiring it from a rented location. We also offer a convenient rental service if you are not ready to commit to a full unit for a single event.

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