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Our IoT engineers can help architect and configure the ideal networking path for all cellular based routing applications, baked right into the cost of goods.


Our IoT engineers can help architect and configure the ideal networking path for all cellular based routing applications, baked right into the cost of goods.

You can rely on Connected Solutions Group IoT engineers to architect and configure the ideal networking path for all of your cellular-based routing applications. Our talented and highly skilled team of engineers boasts a wide range of direct deployment experience with cellular routing solutions and will ensure you get the IoT devices you need to reach your goals. By purchasing equipment through CSG, you receive the best of both worlds: top-tier partner-level pricing and the assistance of our engineers in the design and configuration of your solution. Not only that, but you can also count on industry-leading IoT routers, gateways, and other hardware. Contact us today to learn how our team brings a surprising amount more than just the sale of a device to your deployment.

Efficiently Deploy Cellular IoT Solutions

Cellular IoT connectivity has developed tremendously over the last decade. Moving from Cat-1 to LTE (Long-Term Evolution) and beyond gives companies digital and cellular leverage previously unavailable. But establishing these connections in today’s digital world requires a thorough process. At Connected Solutions Group, we pride ourselves on accomplishing the impossible. As a co-seller of cellular networks and IoT connectivity solutions, we closely work with reliable providers to give you unhindered access regardless of location. We can design, configure, deploy, and install your new routers and cellular gateway in a fraction of the time other companies can do it. We also make the process frictionless for you so that you can focus on what matters. 

How Do We Do It?

Achieving this fast turnaround with cellular routers took years—it didn’t happen overnight. We bring decades of experience to the table and offer attention to detail for all IoT mechanics. Cellular IoT starts with understanding the landscape. We establish cellular connectivity anywhere you need — whether in the desert, at high altitudes, or elsewhere—to get your business up and running. By mapping the location, we determine hot spots, dead zones, and practical placements to give your employees unhindered access to routers and cellular IoT connectivity.

Designing IoT to Fit Your Needs

IoT utilizes a combination of routers, a cellular gateway, and cellular networks to create cellular connectivity that serves you. Each of these components must work together. We skillfully combine each component to connect and share data across your business.

Our Network Partners Power Your Cellular Routers

We only work with the best for cellular power and IoT connectivity. We help you access the internet, even in the harshest conditions, because of our partnerships with top-tier cellular networks. We connect a high-powered cellular router to our partners’ networks, which ensures constant internet access and minimal downtime for you and your team. Our router lineup gives you the necessary access to 4G LTE and 5G networks, whether your business is in a remote location or near busy city streets.

Connect Your Network With a Cellular Gateway

All modems, routers, and top-tier networks need a gateway. Your building has multiple routers throughout the space ensuring every employee has internet access. A cellular gateway typically acts as a digital highway of information. Data can’t travel without a gateway, and you need a gateway capable of transporting vast amounts of information without traffic jams.

Cellular IoT Is a Must-Have for Every Business

The reality is that your business needs internet connectivity to operate websites, transactions, marketing, and more. Our team has experience designing and deploying solutions for industrial and enterprise-grade applications, including SCADA, remote monitoring, flow/temp sensors, spread spectrum, QoS, narrow-band radio, VPN, VLANs, SDWAN, failover and redundancy, fully managed services, and much more. 

Conducting Business With IoT Devices

Conducting business with cellular IoT devices creates a consistent low-frequency connection, so you never lose internet access. Cellular connection is everywhere since most people have cell phones. Cellular towers drive our world and markets. Constant connection to a nearby tower ensures information, data, and news travel seamlessly throughout the internet and various access points.

Benefits of Cellular IoT Connectivity

Most people access the internet through an industrial cellular router. Although this is the most popular method, installing cellular routers has other benefits.

Cell Towers Are Already in Place

Infrastructure is expensive. Save money by utilizing existing infrastructure like cell towers. Utilizing the local cell towers means you only focus on ensuring your building and business have adequate IoT applications and cellular technology. Make sure your industry is packed with cellular routers, gateways, and modems for a successful and consistent internet connection. As long as the nearby cell towers are operable, you’ll have a broad range of digital networks, so it’s just a matter of installing the right equipment to capitalize on the surrounding infrastructure.

Power Over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (POE) uses an ethernet cord to transport power and data connections to various systems. This system is beneficial in situations where simplicity is more important than power. Businesses often use POE for their IP cameras and phones because it uses fewer cords and is simple to set up. Additionally, POEs with Cat-5 cables power wireless access points (WAPs), which give nearby wireless devices a point of entry to the cellular network.

Adaptations Ranging From Temporary Solutions to a Permanent Fix

We’ve had companies reach out to us asking for a temporary cellular connection in their building that lasts until the surrounding infrastructure finishes. We completed these projects in record time and helped the business adopt the temporary solution to be part of the permanent network. The initial network devices now serve as a failover in the event of a critical threat or inclement weather.

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