Whether on the job site, military base, or extreme weather – we have a device that will stay connected throughout.

Rugged Devices

Rugged Devices

What we do…

CSG specializes in providing affordable solutions for large volume wireless deployments across a wide range of Enterprise, M2M and IOT verticals.  We help you find the best device for your application and work tirelessly to provide it under budget.

CSG’s facility in Richmond, Virginia is strategically designed to facilitate a host of fulfillment and logistical services, including custom kitting and labeling, SIM implementation, IMEI and ID reporting, asset tagging, deployment logistics, and much more.

CSG’s technicians can perform a number of device alterations including software upgrades /downgrades, custom banners and logos, unlocking services, lock-down & MDM implementation, & much more.  We take pride in taking on any challenge. 

CSG can close the loop on the life cycle of devices by buying back retired or excess hardware.  Whether through direct purchase or revolutionary revenue sharing models, we will make sure you get maximum residual value to use towards your new device rollouts.

CSG also designs and manufacturers rugged deployable solutions for a variety of verticals and use cases. This spawned from our mission to solve every mobile connectivity challenge our customers face. We couldn’t find products that were up to the demanding tasks our customers needed them to tackle, so we created our own.

first responders

When your focus is emergency response, The Mobile Command Center gives you the ultimate advantage. They equipped with advanced features to help your team respond and perform at their highest. CSG’s Mobile Command Center can be customized to serve as communication hubs in the event of a disaster or emergency. CSG also offers customization for Hazmat, Fire, EMS, or Police equipment.


Modern utilities are facing a confluence of challenges. Due to heightened competition, increasing regulations, widely-dispersed assets, and rising public scrutiny, utilities must embrace a robust mobile operations strategy. CSG has worked with some of the largest utility companies to design next-generation solutions that move utilities into the connected future. What are you doing today that will ready your business for tomorrow?


The MCC+ can help you mobilize your medical mission. CSG’s MCC+ aims to assist hospitals, clinics, healthcare providers and additional medical outreach programs in providing services to underdeveloped areas. This increases services to under-served populations that require medical attention and awareness while also offering on-premise LTE continuity. Advanced options allow voice, video and data communications to be used in remote areas via satellite.

Whether on the job site, military base, or extreme weather – we have a device that will stay connected throughout.
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