POTSolve keeps mission-critical applications online when your primary internet goes down.


POTSolve keeps mission-critical applications online when your primary internet goes down.

Time is of the essence. What’s your
POTS replacement plan?

If you haven’t considered future proofing your business’s communication infrastructure, now is the time. Beginning August 2022, the FCC is no longer requiring telco companies to maintain or prevent copper networks from deteriorating to the point that they are no longer reliable. Without ongoing maintenance or support of your POTS lines, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to the decommissioning of critical day-to-day applications such as fax, credit card machines, phones lines, and even your security system. These are essential lines that organizations cannot ignore, and it’s crucial that you proactively prepare to lose service and find a replacement.

What is “POTS”?

To put it simply, POTS (plain old telephone service) networks facilitate communication over copper cables – the ones you frequently see outside on utility poles. POTS lines were introduced in 1876, and up until just a decade ago, opting for traditional analog lines was standard. It doesn’t just allow people to connect their phones and internet, but also powers applications such as fax machines, credit card machines, security systems, and fire panels – applications that businesses rely on daily for safety. Back then, copper was king. Back then, POTS networks were the most efficient means of communication. Back then, POTS was the ONLY solution. Today, it is outdated, obstinate, and continues to be expensive to maintain. Most organizations likely have some POTS service lines supporting critical functions like elevator phones, fire alarms, and security systems. And according to the FCC, there are still 36 million active POTS lines in the United States.

Why does your business need to replace your POTS lines?

All major telephone providers have initiated their phase out strategy or POTS lines. With all the new technological advancements in the telecommunications industry, traditional analog POTS lines are becoming even more expensive to maintain which gets passed on to the consumer (The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a 27% price increase on POTS lines from 2005 to 2020), and no longer the most efficient means to provide communications.

Due to this fact, the FCC has issued Order 10-72A1 that grants telco companies permission to retire copper POTS lines, and mandates that all POTS lines in the US be replaced with an alternative service – such as fiber or wireless connections – by August 2, 2022.

What does this mean for your business?

Your business needs to adopt a next-generation technology, such as POLTE (POTS Over LTE), which is a cellular based solution that future-proofs your infrastructure. Analog signal phone service is delivered to you over a 4G LTE cellular Network providing you a reliable connection that won’t get disrupted by local hazards. POTSolve saves you money, provides redundancy, better reliability, and fire panel compliance.

Where does POTSolve come in?

POTSolve by CSG is a versatile system that meets PCI, HIPAA, FCC, NFPA, and UL compliances. POTSolve allows organizations to continue to use already installed equipment by replacing the POTS signal to the application, and in most cases allows your business to save on monthly costs, with better reliability, and quicker repair.

What applications can POTSolve be used for?

We make pots replacement fast, easy, & affordable by providing a modern cellular-based solution providing connections for:

  • Voice

  • Fax

  • Internet Backup

  • Point of Sale

  • Paging System

  • Elevator Phones

  • Security Gates

  • Blue Light Emergency Phones

  • Meter Reading

  • Modem/OOB Management

  • SCADA Application

  • Fire Alarm Panels

  • Security Systems

Benefits of POTSolve

Internet Backup

4G Failover for primary internet connections.

Built-in Power Source

In the even of a power outage, POTSolve’s batteries will keep you running for hours.

Disaster Recovery

Reliable and self-contained connections for quick deployment.

Verizon 4G LTE SIM card

Internet connectivity and analog dial tone connectivity for up to eight lines with included SIM card.

Stay Compliant

POTSolve is HIPAA, PCI, FCC, NFPA, and UL compliant.


Continue to take payments during an outage.

Professional On-Site Surveys

Available to survey your specific application for your peace of mind.

Access to Live Consulting

Consulting for hardware and service compatibility.

Pro Installation

Professional installation options available for POTSolve and antenna solutions.

Need help making the switch to POTSolve?

Keeping your infrastructure compliant and future-proof is crucial for business leaders. You need technology that keeps your business running efficiently, meets industry demands, and is code compliant. Reach out to our product specialists at CSG to learn more about your POTS replacement options and how we can help you.

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