CSG provides complete end-to-end deployment services for the nation’s largest institutions.

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CSG provides complete end-to-end deployment services for the nation’s largest institutions.

Turnkey Deployments

Mobility deployments are complex. To effectively deploy new technology in today’s world, a purchase of equipment is just the tip of the iceberg. The list of what has to happen for a fleet of devices to actually engage in the field is seemingly endless and may include staging, kitting, programming, OS manipulation, custom logos, custom APK’s, asset tagging, installing apps, installing software, installing MDM’s and security,  employee assignment, activation, installation, storage, recouping aged inventory,..  the list goes on and on. 
CSG prides itself on being a TRUE turnkey deployment partner for our customers, with the ability to literally host and facilitate every facet of a device deployment for our partners.  We have customers that literally never see or touch their own equipment, including healthcare organizations who store all equipment at our insured facility, and as patient deployments arise—we facilitate every piece of the process.  We order new devices direct from the OEM, we stage and kit the equipment, we store until it is ready for deployment, we drop ship direct to the patient, support the setup, and even facilitate the return of the equipment and triaging to prepare it for the next deployment. 
ALL with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and audited processes. 
This is true Device Lifecycle Management.  Not a piece of it, not looping in a dozen partners, not exuberant charges for individual touches.  One place, one contact, and one partner that bakes many of these services right into the cost of equipment. 
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