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We specialize in two of the major points of emphasis for mobility solutions for energy and gas.  Device security and remote-site management.

Gas and Energy
We specialize in two of the major points of emphasis for mobility solutions for energy and gas.  Device security and remote-site management.

Gas and Energy Remote Site Management

In times of distress, connectivity is essential for site management and accessing emergency services. Unfortunately, many energy and gas locations are in rural areas with poor connectivity. Every company needs to find a way to increase connectivity and ensure business continuity when problems arise. 

With Connected Solutions Group’s (CSG) Mobile Command Center (MCC) devices, you can immediately connect to local cell and data towers using Verizon 4G LTE.

Energy Remote-Site Monitoring When It Matters Most

Cell and data connections are crucial for mobility solutions in the energy and gas industries. These industries need top-tier device security at all times and competent remote-site management. Fortunately, with the recent introduction of 5G networks, increased cellular data speeds have enabled fundamental advances in remote-site connectivity. 

Energy Remote-Site Monitoring When It Matters Most

This technology allows oil and gas companies to get real-time information and monitor their sites constantly to ensure performance and security. Additionally, setting up a secured temporary network for short-term connectivity is critical when faced with a threat.

Remote sites often have rugged terrain with minimal service, so reliable backup connectivity is essential. But this is not the place for overpriced equipment that fails when you rely on it most. It’s important to have a solution that serves the needs of the industry — and that can stand up to any environment.

Durable Solutions for Rugged Situations

CSG spent years fine-tuning rugged deployable solutions precisely for these applications. We continue to add products to our line that serve the energy and gas industries with affordable connectivity appliances. Reach out to learn how we are innovating for Energy & Gas.

Incredible Power Management, Even In the Remotest Locations

Even with broadband connection throughout the United States, there are minimal to no connectivity pockets. These locations are often sites where immense energy and gas facilities are located.

One immediately sees the need for direct connectivity solutions that serve remote sites and boost internet connection when lacking in strength. Our MCCs strengthen network connectivity and provide unprecedented access to necessary emergency services.

Overcome External Challenges

When these sites are operating, their generators and service connections work seamlessly. However, issues arise when the energy and gas facilities crash due to critical threats and inclement weather. In moments like these, you need a device that connects to Verizon’s LTE network and gives your facility and emergency services the necessary contact points and energy efficiency to get your site up and running again.

Immediately Connect in All Locations

Our nation’s energy and gas sectors are crucial for daily life. When they go down for repair, security threats, or because of inclement weather, quick response times and remote monitoring ensure everything continues working as smoothly as possible.

Site Management

First responders must prepare for anything when an energy and gas facility experiences an emergency. Establishing a stable connection via WiFi or cellular towers is essential when arriving on the scene.

The Mobile Command Center ensures your team, first responders, and nearby civilians can adequately reach loved ones and those who need essential information in case of a security threat. With several ethernet ports and remote-access capability, the MCC ensures your team can get back on site ASAP.

Failed Servers

It’s an unfortunate truth that electrical services sometimes fail at the worst moments. In these emergencies, every energy and gas facility must have backup plans in case of a failed server. Energy management is crucial for maintaining control over a situation. The MCC lineup can get you back on your servers in emergencies and ensure you can take control of your operations.

No Cellular Connection

Emergencies compound without a consistent cellular connection. Remote-site monitoring with the MCC provides an adequate cellular connection to reach out to local and federal authorities and inform them of the current situation while ensuring the current backup systems work.

Weather Interference

Most of our nation’s power system is in rural states and remote locations.


Severe weather patterns and storms often occur in these states, which puts the energy and gas sectors at risk of severe damage to power supplies and high costs. When weather interference halts operations, the local facility must monitor critical data relating to the performance of the equipment to determine when to resume operations.

CSG’s MCC equipment gives you the backup power to accurately determine the facility’s performance and require energy usage through remote monitoring.

Mass Communication Hub

Contact with family, friends, and emergency services is paramount when facing an emergency. Unfortunately, with many utility power facilities in rural and desolate locations, contact is nearly impossible when local grid power and WiFi routers go down.

The MCC is capable of hosting up to 128 different connections via WiFi. Mass communication capabilities like this ensure you can reach the proper authorities in case of a security threat, weather interference, or internal problems.

The MCC’s Unique Features for Gas and Energy Remote-Site Monitoring and Security Strategies

The emergency command center market is flooded with options to help with gas and energy remote-site security planning. The challenge is discerning which ones best suit your business and facility. At CSG, we make it easy for you to decide. Each class of MCC is more affordable than its competition, easy to set up, and offers industrial-grade components that can withstand any weather.

Highest Quality at the Most Affordable Price

We started CSG several years ago because we saw the astronomical prices for other command centers. As a backup service provider, we believe you shouldn’t avoid purchasing a lifesaving piece of equipment based on price, so we created a command center that exceeds expectations and is cost-effective.

Easily Set Up Shop in Various Conditions

When facing an emergency, you need something you can set up quickly to operate your facility and contact emergency services.

Easily Set Up Shop in Various Conditions

Our MCC devices are explicitly designed to ensure easy set-up and use, so you never have to worry about anything except establishing remote-monitoring parameters.

Rugged Industrial Quality

Our portable mobile command centers are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring that your backup service equipment is always protected and ready for use. Every MCC is water-resilient, rust-resistant, and drop-resistant, so you never have to worry about damaging your backup service equipment.

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