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CSG believes in having a positive impact on our communities.


CSG believes in having a positive impact on our communities.

giving back

CSG prides itself on giving back to both local and nationally based organizations.  Three particular areas in which we are often involved include organizations that support children with cancer, children on the autism spectrum, and youth sports.  The growth and development of children is near and dear to our hearts.  iPads for Autism is an initiative created by CSG to provide free tablets with critical learning and engagement software to the parents and schools that rely on those devices as a critical means of development.  We also encourage our employees to speak out about matters that are near and dear to them and will often support organizations strictly because it means something to one of our own.

iPads for autism
CSG also donates a large quantity of emergency response connectivity kits when storms or natural disasters strike America. CSG has donated equipment with connectivity to a wide range of crisis response scenarios including hurricanes, tornadoes, riots, and the Covid 19 pandemic response.
If we are fortunate enough to continue growing, our leadership will ensure that our commitment to giving back grows right along with it. 
CSG Cleaning up litter in the community
Little league team sponsorships
CSG giving back