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Secure Mobile Hotspot Device for Government Agencies

Government Communications Made Easy

The National Security Agency (NSA) has instructed all government workers to avoid public wifi.

Working in public places like coffee shops, hotels, airports, or parties may seem convenient, but it greatly increases the risk of security breaches by hackers for government workers.

In our modern world, though, you need and deserve the ability to have day-one connectivity anywhere at any time. Having a reliable, secure, and portable Wi-Fi source can make an impact at all levels of your organization.

Connected Solutions Group (CSG) is here to help. You can trust CSG’s 20+ years of experience in the government sector – discover your compliant, complete solutions today.

5G small cell in Baltimore

Contract Vehicles and Levels


Connected Solutions Group is currently an authorized reseller on two hardware GSA-MAS contracts.  GSA-MAS contracts allow CSG to sell quality hardware to federal customers, and at times, State and Local authorities. You can trust and enjoy CSG as a vetted reseller, providing you with a high standard of service and solutions to meet your GSA-MAS needs. Use of a GSA-MAS contract allows for a streamlined procurement process and access to pre-vetted vendors offering you the best value for hardware.

Cooperative Contracts 

Connected Solutions Group is also an authorized reseller on a variety of Cooperative Contracts, including: NASPO, NCPA, EQUALIS, PEPPM, OMNIA, and TX-DIR. CSG is able to offer your organization a variety of helpful hardware and services on these contracts. These Cooperative Contracts allow CSG to sell to customers in the SLED space and at times at the Federal level. By utilizing a cooperative contract, you can speed up your purchasing process and gain access to competitive pricing. This way, as a SLED customer, you can get the best value for your purchases.

Connected Solutions Group is GSA-MAS & NASPO Capable

Being GSA-MAS capable means that CSG has been approved by the General Services Administration (GSA) to participate in the GSA-MAS program and is authorized to offer its products and services to federal government agencies. This procurement program provides federal agencies with access to a wide range of commercial products and services at pre-negotiated prices.

5G small cell in Baltimore

In order to be GSA-MAS capable, a vendor must meet certain requirements, such as demonstrating its financial stability, complying with federal regulations, and offering competitive prices.  GSA-MAS contracts are awarded to vendors who have demonstrated their ability to meet rigorous standards for quality, price, and performance.

Being NASPO capable means that CSG has the ability to fulfill procurement contracts and requirements for state governments and other public entities that are members of NASPO.  NASPO is a cooperative purchasing program that helps state and local government agencies leverage their buying power to obtain competitive pricing and better terms on commonly purchased goods and services. CSG meets certain qualifications and requirements set forth by NASPO and the specific state or agency issuing the procurement contract. These qualifications include experience in the relevant industry, financial stability, and adherence to ethical and legal standards.

CSG sells to state, local, and education (SLED) government agencies, along with federal entities.  We are customer-centered and able to accommodate different payment terms, plans, and contract vehicles. This allows our customers to benefit from our services and solutions while adhering to contract terms and the regulations dictating the SLED or federal entity’s procurement process.

How We Comply With GSA-MAS Policies 

  • Register, update, and maintain up-to-date information in SAM.GOV (System for Award Management) in order to be eligible to do business with the federal government. 
  • Ensure that all procurement processes are conducted in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws including Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
  • Comply with pricing requirements including providing discounts off commercial products and adhering to not-to-exceed pricing.
  • Maintaining compliance with contract terms and conditions of GSA-MAS contracts.
  • Completing required reporting documents and maintaining proper records.
  • Establish and maintain an effective system for monitoring the performance of contracts.

How We Comply With Cooperative Contract Policies

  • Ensure that all procurement processes are conducted in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws.
  • Establish an organizational structure and policies to ensure compliance with all Cooperative Contracts
  • Adhere to the Agreement Terms & Conditions for each Cooperative Contract. 
  • Report and pay all administrative fees and any applicable State dictated administrative fees within the appropriate window of time.
  • Ensure that all procurement decisions are made in the company’s best interests and are based on sound business principles.
  • Develop a streamlined process and Establish clear criteria for evaluating bids and awarding contracts.
  • Establish and maintain an effective system for monitoring the performance of contracts.

Our Government-Specific Services and Solutions

As a government organization, you face unique challenges that require specialized solutions. At CSG, we understand the pain points that come with managing complex systems and staying connected through temporary internet in challenging environments. That’s why we offer a range of services and tools that are specifically designed to meet the needs of government agencies at all levels. 

From Mobile Command Centers and disaster response connectivity to remote management solutions and professional setup and support, we provide comprehensive solutions that address the specific connectivity challenges faced by government organizations across the nation.

Mobile Command Centers 

CSG’s Mobile Command Centers (MCC) are a game-changer for public sector organizations that require emergency internet connections and on-site mobile capabilities. Ideal for use in emergency response, law enforcement, and other critical public sector applications, the MCCs enable personnel to rapidly deploy and communicate from any location. Their advanced technology and capabilities make them a valuable asset for any public sector organization seeking to improve its mobility capabilities.

Pre- and Post-Sale Services

Agencies require solutions that are tailored to their unique challenges and requirements. That’s why we provide comprehensive pre-sales and post-sales services at CSG to ensure you receive the best possible experience, with the most reliable connectivity options. Whether it’s an internet solution that is plug-and-play or needs a more hands-on deployment of on-site surveys and installations, CSG will ensure a seamless and stress-free experience.

Dedicated Support Through CSG Vertical Specific Teams (VSTs)

CSG’s Vertical Specific Teams (VSTs) are dedicated teams that provide expert support for particular applications. Government IT contracts are handled by a specific team with a clear management structure, proper training, procedural policy, and excellent customer service. Therefore, it’s easy to work with GSAs to understand and integrate emerging technology according to government IT policies.

POTSolve to Keep You Online When Primary Internet Goes Down

CSG’s POTSolve solution saves your organization money by replacing the POTS signal and providing your team with reliable 4G LTE coverage. Ensure you have reliable day-one connectivity, even in areas where traditional phone lines are not available.

Cellular Routing Solutions

You can realize the benefits of cellular routing solutions for reliable, secure, high-speed mobile connectivity. CSG’s routers support IoT applications, including fleet management and remote monitoring, and are designed for rugged environments, making them ideal for use in the field.

Signal Enhancement

Staying connected in outdoor environments can be a challenge for many organizations. That’s where signal enhancement technology, such as high-gain antennas, comes in. CSG specializes in deploying high-gain antennas and wireless access points that boost wireless signals in challenging outdoor environments. They are designed to provide maximum coverage and signal strength, enabling government agencies to engage in effective COOP (continuity of operations planning) and stay connected even in the most remote areas.

Custom Product Engineering

Our team of expert engineers specializes in custom product engineering, ensuring that our solutions meet the unique needs of each government agency. From design and development to testing and deployment, we work closely with our government clients to create custom products that are reliable, secure, and scalable. Our focus on customer product engineering allows us to deliver solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Disaster Response Connectivity

Ensure you’re always ready with first responder internet. CSG offers a range of products to serve as communication hubs, with various models and sizes to scale for your agency’s needs. Connect up to 128 users via solution’s WiFi over LTE and customize your devices for HAZMAT, fire, EMS, or police equipment without sacrificing functionality or affordability.

Mobile Device Management Support

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is crucial for public sector organizations that rely on mobile devices to perform critical functions. With MDM, IT teams can receive temporary internet in order remotely manage and monitor mobile devices, ensuring that they are secure, up-to-date, and in compliance with regulations. 

This is especially important in the public sector, where mobile devices may contain sensitive information and be used for tasks that  such as emergency response, law enforcement, and healthcare. 

With CSG’s support, agencies can remotely manage and update devices, control access to apps and data, and monitor device usage to ensure compliance with regulations. Our MDM services offer a reliable and efficient way to protect confidential data, reduce IT workload, and increase productivity for government agency staff.

Fixed Wireless Access

CSG enables your organization to obtain high-speed internet access in remote or rural locations where traditional wired infrastructure often fails. Our proficiency in wireless networking and communication technologies enables us to create and deploy personalized solutions, allowing for seamless internet connectivity and enhanced productivity in the most challenging environments.

Onsite Survey and Install

Every project is unique, which is why we offer comprehensive on-site surveys as a crucial component before any installation. Our team of experts will visit your site to evaluate the environment, assess any potential challenges, and identify the most effective solution to meet your needs. This allows us to provide a seamless installation experience, saving your agency time and money in the long run.

Mission Critical PTT Support

Whether you’re up against a project deadline or responding to an emergency, instant communication is critical when every moment counts. With CSG’s support in continuity of operations planning (COOP), you can be ready in seconds, broadcasting critical announcements to up to 500 users at a time, giving your employees access to real-time information with Push To Talk Solutions.

CSG’s Mobile Internet Devices: Secure and Reliable Solutions for Government Agencies on the Go

Connected Solutions Group is the go-to source for government agencies that require secure and reliable mobile connectivity solutions. Our company specializes in creating, acquiring, and implementing reliable solutions with lightning-fast speeds that offer both wired connectivity and the ability to function as a hotspot. With customizable options for device setup, antenna placement, and data-usage monitoring, our products are the ideal solution for anyone in need of a wireless network on the go.

Don’t settle for slow, unreliable connections or costly data overages. Investing in a business-grade device that offers hardline connectivity and hotspot capabilities can be incredibly versatile for your field team. Whether you need to connect your smartphone, laptop, or other equipment, our devices are equipped with SIM card support and 4G LTE coverage to provide you with day-1 connectivity at all times. Contact us today to learn more about our cellular routing solutions and take the first step towards a better mobile internet experience — the one you deserve.