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CSG Becomes Full-Scale Wireless MSP

Connected Solutions Group, LLC (CSG), a national leader in wireless hardware deployment and services, today announced that it has launched a full-scale managed services division. The MSP offerings, which are well over a year in the making, allow the company to offer its customers 24/7/365 support on hardware and services.

“This has been a long time coming for us,” said Michael Pittman, CEO at CSG. “Our customers have been asking us for an all-encompassing support and managed services offering and we are beyond proud to be able to offer these services.” CSG will offer Managed Services and Support across all its major product categories including all mobile devices, routers, MDM, and OneTalk, Verizon’s exclusive VOIP service.

“We really took our time to make sure we got this right,” commented James Munsey, COO at CSG. “We’ve spent the last 18 months building out the offerings and then building a dedicated staff behind them. We’ve brought on Justin Nuckols to lead the division and a team of seasoned support technicians behind him to offer every tier-level of service.”

The MSP/Support offerings are based on monthly subscriptions varying in price depending on the hours of support desired (for example, subscribers can choose weekday business hours support or 24/7 support) and the type of support needed. “We built something that is scalable as a customer grows,” said Munsey. “Different levels of service for different customer needs makes this extremely cost-effective for the customer. We can essentially become their outsourced IT department for these devices and services.”

CSG views the MSP offering as a gamechanger to both CSG and its customers. “I cannot underscore what a big deal this is to the marketplace,” said Pittman. “We are extremely proud of this product, the team behind it, and our ability now to offer true full lifecycle management of the devices and services we offer.”

Pittman went on to describe the demand behind managed services. “Mobility hardware is only becoming more complex and simultaneously more prevalent in the business community and 5G is going to see the use cases and efficiencies of these devices expand exponentially. So, with all of this in mind, companies need the support to ensure that their employees can use their devices to their fullest extent and to ensure that any problems are quickly resolved.”

“To us,” Pittman concluded, “this is the icing on our cake and how we make sure that we are giving our customers everything they need to be successful.”

About Connected Solutions Group

Connected Solutions Group, LLC (CSG) is a Richmond, Virginia-based leading VAR and wireless hardware deployment company. By bridging the wide gaps between development and deployment of M2M and IoT projects, CSG has created a true turnkey solution allowing customers to focus on building their applications while we design and implement cost-effective hardware to execute them efficiently. With services including MDM installation and support, custom programming, device staging and kitting, nationwide installation, and device activations, swaps and upgrades, CSG acts as the purchasing, fulfillment and installation team for our clients.

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