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CSG Expands TELEHEALTH Offerings

Connected Solutions Group’s largest vertical has consistently been healthcare, even before the telehealth explosion. We have assisted organizations nationwide in providing monitoring for elderly care, post-hospital surgical monitoring, and increased visibility of home health patients with chronic disease states such as CHF, DM2, HTN, ESRD, COPD, etc.

Our offerings include a complete beginning to end process. We have partnerships with telehealth/remote patient monitoring software companies and peripheral vital sign monitoring device manufacturers. We offer MDM/UEM device management as well as device staging and kitting, and support with managed services. We are elite partners in the Verizon co-sell space and excel in procurement of secondary market tablets and cellphones for your patient portals.

We have on staff  Telehealth/RPM subject matter experts to streamline your needs and tailor a solution that fits your patient population. We offer assistance in obtaining medical billing experts to help with all applicable codes for reimbursable instances between physician and patient. We also offer quick assistance with suppling experts in connectivity to your new patient monitoring endeavor.

Let us know how CSG can help improve your company and create new avenues of communication and revenue today.

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Written By Connected Solutions Group

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