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CSG Launches POTSolve Solution

| Connected Solutions Group

Connected Solutions Group, LLC (CSG), a national leader in wireless hardware deployment and services and a Verizon Elite VAR, today announced that it has reached an agreement with Verizon to sell its POTSolve devices and services directly through Verizon via their Business Solutions Store.

Michael Pittman, CEO at CSG, commented, “The sunsetting of POTS in the United States has been met in the business community as a confusing, expensive, and cumbersome problem with few good solutions. Challenges around how to make life safety systems, fax lines, and copper-based office phone systems operational and compliant in a post-POTS world have plagued businesses as they work to find budget-friendly and compatible solutions.” Pittman continued, “Today, finally, these issues are a lot less complicated to overcome. We are proud to introduce POTSolve: A fully integrated, easily deployed, financially efficient solution that will solve these challenges in most any business environment.”

The POTSolve solution is a device with an integrated wireless router operating on the Verizon network that provides seamless integration with existing POTS-based life safety systems, phone systems, and fax systems that a customer may have in their business telecommunications environment. It allows these systems to continue to operate, with full compliance, after existing POTS services are discontinued.

CSG views the market for their solution to be needed by a large percentage of businesses operating in the United States. Kyle Evans, Chief Business Development Officer at CSG said, “POTSolve is the solution to the POTS challenge that will be faced by tens-of-thousands of businesses in the United States. It is easily transacted through Verizon’s Business Solutions Store, is turnkey for businesses as it includes all needed hardware plus professional, nationwide installation, and is backed by outstanding customer support. As easily as a customer would historically order POTS service for their business, it is just as simple to order POTSolve.”

Telecommunications professionals have long anticipated the challenges with the end of POTS in the United States, often with concerns of the problems it may cause. CSG feels that it has a product with POTSolve that alleviates the long-standing concerns. Pittman commented, “The sunsetting of POTS does not have to be a stressful and challenging change for businesses. Instead, POTSolve has made it an opportunity for the introduction of a turnkey system using cutting-edge connectivity while simultaneously allowing continued use of legacy customer-owned systems. This is a win for everyone.”

Learn more about the POTSolve POTS replacement solution.

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