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CSG’s Revolutionary CoDeX with Samsung set for Q3 release

| Connected Solutions Group

Connecting a computer to cloud- or network-based resources from a remote area with limited internet connectivity is close to impossible without the right tools. Connected Solutions Group (CSG) helps solve this problem with its Mobile Command Center Mini, an LTE deployable device that delivers signal gain to adjacent devices. CSG’s strength is their “ability to take cellular-based hardware, accessories and service and bundle those all into a cohesive solution to deliver a seamless integration into a customer environment,” says CSG CTO John Wiseman. CSG takes its solution to the next level with its CoDeX capability, which enables Samsung smartphones to run a full mobile workspace in a remote environment. CSG CoDeX taps the power of Samsung DeX to enable a Windows virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) via a mobile device.

Businesses and agencies that use Windows or VDI for remote connectivity can use DeX-enabled mobile devices together with the CoDeX, instead of laptops, for remote computing. The Samsung phone or tablet connects to the CoDeX to power the full Windows or VDI experience.

Wiseman says CoDeX serves an underserved market that spans agencies, such as police, fire and emergency medical services (EMS), and businesses that provide field services. “Previously, if you wanted to deploy a rugged device such as this into the field, it was many thousands of dollars, and that was a barrier to many agencies and businesses,” he said.

Workers such as police officers and engineers can access critical applications in a full desktop experience. The Mobile Command Center Mini provides connectivity by strengthening a weak LTE signal, and the CoDeX product enables the Samsung phone or tablet to provide a desktop experience with large screen, keyboard and touchpad.

“If you do rely on Windows, it’s an easy transition,” Wiseman said. “We can host a virtual instance of Windows right here, through the Samsung device. If you were investigating the scene of a fire, you might need to take photos or take notes. You can do that from your phone, but then instead of having to return back to the department, you can have a full desktop experience right there while you’re still at the scene.”

CSG has optimized for the Mobile Command Center Mini and the CoDeX for field use by ruggedizing the components with an IP67 rated enclosure for weatherproofing and drop resistance. Users can power the device via AC outlet, vehicle charger or solar power. The high-gain antenna of Mobile Command Center Mini is built into the device cover, which eliminates the risk of breakage associated with stick and paddle antennas.

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