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How to Increase Transactions with a Wireless Point of Sale

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A point-of-sale (POS) is the most crucial device a business will use since it is where most customer transactions will be made. Moreover, today’s innovative mobile POS (mPOS) systems can help businesses of any size gather information that enhances their decision-making, streamline operations for faster and better customer service, and so much more.

With numerous hardware and software features, nearly any hospitality or retail business will find advantages when implementing a mobile POS system into their workflow. Best of all, these advantages can help generate increased sales for any business and expand the number of opportunities for one to sell and earn even more revenue.

At CSG, we assist businesses in fully utilizing their cloud-based and mobile POS systems by providing reliable wireless business internet solutions. While our solutions are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, we are dedicated to ensuring your business’s success by providing expert technical support services.

Below, we will describe how a wireless POS system can help a business increase transactions, how one can benefit your business, the problems a good wireless POS system can resolve, and how to know which mobile POS system is right for you.

How a Mobile POS System Can Increase Sales

Wirelessly connected mobile POS systems are a worthwhile investment, as they offer several features that allow businesses to operate more efficiently at multiple levels, often resulting in higher sales revenue. Here are some ways investing in a mobile POS can improve sales:

Real-Time Advanced Inventory Management

Among the most helpful wireless POS features is their advanced inventory management, which streamlines the tracking and organization of a business’s available products or services.

Through the inventory management feature, you and your staff can know what products are in stock and which are running out in real-time.

This feature allows businesses to effectively learn when to order more stock before running out, ensuring consistently high sales for their most popular products.

Better Customer Service Experiences

Because mobile POS systems are designed with faster digital payment processing in mind, they allow businesses to focus more on providing enhanced customer service experiences.

In addition to reducing waiting times or long checkout lines, mobile POS software allows your business to set up cross-selling opportunities by providing recommendations for complementary items or personalized suggestions based on a returning customer’s purchase history.

With more time and information available, your business will be able to serve customers more promptly and considerately, which can lead to greater sales revenue.

Easier & More Accessible Checkout

As mentioned previously, mobile POS systems are designed for faster digital payment methods. Having built-in payment processing allows them to work quicker and more efficiently at checkout, ensuring more customers make purchases at a faster pace, leading to higher sales.

Furthermore, the best mobile POS systems can use nearly all payment methods, including traditional debit or credit card processing, digital payments from Android or iOS devices, and contactless payments through apps like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

With the ability to accept payments from a wider range of payment methods, your business can serve more customers and inevitably gain higher sales rates.

Taking full advantage of mobile POS features can effectively transform your business and create healthy growth in sales.

To support your mobile POS systems and ensure they are always available, consider getting a dependable connectivity solution from CSG, ensuring you have a reliable wireless business internet connection for every device in your mobile POS system.

5 Benefits of Using a Mobile POS System

In addition to increasing sales, wireless and other mobile POS systems also provide businesses with a bevy of benefits that are useful in keeping their staff productive and efficient, their stock full and organized, and, best of all, their customers happy and ready to shop.

Here are five major benefits of having a wireless POS system implemented for your business:

Fast, Easy Setup and Use

Particularly for small business owners, one of the best benefits of using mobile POS systems is that they are easy to install.

Many of the best mobile POS systems simply involve installing their POS software onto commercially available devices such as smartphones and tablets.

However, some also offer their own POS hardware and mobile reader devices installed with their POS software pre-installed, making it that much quicker and easier for businesses to set up or upgrade their storefronts.

More Productive Staff

Utilizing a mobile POS system also allows staff members to work more productively. With the faster payment processing that mobile POS systems provide, your staff will have more time to focus on providing positive customer service experiences by ensuring your retail environment is neat and your stock is organized and full.

Potential Layout Innovations

Wireless POS systems also allow businesses to innovate their sales floor space and present a more unique customer experience than their competitors.

Using mobile devices connected to your wireless POS system allows staff members to process digital payments anywhere in the store or sales area, allowing them to interact with customers individually.

This allows you to consider opening up the store’s layout so that products can be uniquely displayed and customers can browse more comfortably.

More Opportunities Through Mobility

Wireless and mobile point-of-sale systems also provide businesses with more opportunities to make sales and grow their brand awareness, as many POS systems provide multi-location support.

As long as they maintain a reliable internet connection, a business can move and shift their storefront anywhere, particularly at festivals, trade shows, conventions, and other events related to their industry.

This mobile connection allows your business to interact with more new customers outside of a central storefront, helps add new revenue streams, and expands the presence of its brand.

Growth via Inventory Management Tracking

One more way businesses will benefit from mobile POS systems is through the insights their real-time inventory tracking feature provides.

By simply viewing the data collected over the course of numerous sales, business owners can determine which of their products or services are most popular with customers.

This can then help in making future decisions and ensure a business allocates its resources more effectively, saving them money while increasing profits.

For large and small businesses, a mobile POS system is a worthwhile investment that will benefit them in several ways. Ensure that each terminal and mobile device is connected to your free POS system app or software through a reliable network device from Connected Solutions Group.

3 Business Problems & Their Mobile POS Solutions

Knowing the ways a mobile POS system commonly benefits businesses can be helpful, but below we also provide a few examples of how it can actively improve your business and sales operations. Here are three business problems, along with three mobile POS solutions:

Problem 1: Lack of Sales Insights

Your business’s current point-of-sale system lacks the third-party integrations necessary to combine your physical storefront and your online store sales, making it difficult to track overall sales trends and the insights gained from them.


Many mobile POS options have built-in reporting and analytics features as part of their POS system features.

With them, you’ll be able to find out what your top-selling items are, the periods when business sales are at their peak, and, in some cases, profiles showing precise details of your ideal customer.

Together, these insights and marketing tools can help you make informed business decisions that can lead to further growth and success.

Problem 2: Few Sales Opportunities Outside the Storefront

Your business can potentially capitalize on making sales outside of your central storefront, but your current POS setup isn’t able to move with you.


Wireless point-of-sale systems often provide multi-location support, allowing restaurant and retail businesses to move around and make sales away from their primary locations.

This is often done through a dedicated POS app installed on a mobile device, such as iOS or Android devices. Utilizing wireless POS mobile solutions, your business will be able to make sales almost anywhere.

Problem 3: Poor Data Security

Your business uses POS systems or software that often deals with data breaches and security vulnerabilities, causing hassles for you and your customers by putting your combined private data and payment information at risk.


The best mobile POS and integrated payment processing systems available have built-in digital security features, including up-to-date encryptions and secure authentication protocols. These help protect customer data, prevent harmful breaches, and ensure smooth, safe payment processing.

Be Where Customers Are With a POS System From CSG

A good mobile POS system with the right features will significantly benefit your business. In addition, pairing a cloud-based POS system with a secure and reliable wireless business internet solution from Connected Solutions Group ensures your business is at a continuous advantage, providing high-speed connectivity and lasting coverage for all your mobile devices connected to your wireless point-of-sale system.

Discover how CSG can transform your business through our IoT and cellular connectivity solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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