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Major Announcement: CSG and Intermountain join forces!

In a truly revolutionary move in the world of channel partners for Verizon, CSG and Intermountain have come together to form CSG Red – a new way for Arizona Verizon teams and customers to receive the best that the partner worlds can offer. CSG Red combines the national scale, pricing subsidies, support, and accountability of CSG with the much-desired local presence for face-to-face experiences, installations, and managed service offerings that Intermountain can provide directly in Arizona.

That’s right, leads submitted into CSG can now be serviced locally by actual W2 employees of Intermountain who will work in conjunction with CSG sales reps and project coordinators to ensure the finest customer experiences in the country. “I cannot begin to tell you how excited we are about this alliance. As we continue to expand our footprint out west, we have always had a gap with our on-site services in providing technicians that had real-time Verizon or One Talk experience,” CSG owner Michael Pittman said, “You can train all you want, but until you are in the weeds with businesses dealing with real time problems during setups and installations, it’s hard to have much confidence in how technicians will respond. With Darin and his team at Intermountain, we have a crew that is in this for the right reasons, they have been through the fires, and they will represent CSG and Verizon with class.” Darin Palmer of Intermountain agreed. “We are excited to bring the best of both worlds to Verizon and its customers with our local and regional expertise paired with the nationwide powerhouse that is CSG. This partnership makes both organizations better and will provide a much better customer experience to Verizon customers.”

Adding to the excitement are new compensation changes effective today, April 1st, 2021, that allow for Verizon teams to be compensated when billing hardware and services from CSG on Verizon paper, often referred to as BOBO (Bill on Behalf of). Palmer commented, “Imagine being able to be compensated for something like running cabling or other ancillary services that are often required on OneTalk installations. Before today, that was something that was completely handed off with Verizon team members receiving no benefit for the referral. That changes with the ability to bill these services on Verizon paper.”

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