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Return Policy

CSG Return Policy

Connected Solutions Group LLC is committed to providing our customers with excellent service and a positive experience, as customer satisfaction is a top priority and, therefore, we strive to ensure that your order is received intact and exactly as you ordered it. However, in the event that a return is unavoidable, CSG is pleased to offer a 30-day return policy from date of sale on select items as offered by our vendor partners. Additional information and updates on return policies can be obtained from your CSG representative, for manufacturer information contact or call [email protected] or call. Therefore, our policy for returns is set forth as follows:

To submit a request for RMA approval, please fill out the following link – or contact the RMA department directly at [email protected]

Once your request is submitted, our RMA department will review it and will provide a resolution or update to you within 3 business days. Any request received without proper contact information will not be processed

Return Policy Exceptions

Return requests for replacement or refund will only be processed if the item is reported defective within the stated warranty term. See the stock warranty document for details on your specific Return Policy. Buyer’s remorse return requests for a refund are only accepted for review if submitted within 30 days from the purchase date. Return shipping and re-stocking fees will apply to the buyer remorse refund request. Approved units must be returned within 5 business days from the issuance date.

Returns received that violate the following conditions may be subject to additional review or refusal. Items returned will be denied and returned to the sender if they are returned under any of the following conditions:

    1. Return Restrictions.

      • Nontangible “goods” such as performed services, labor and any and all fees for software licenses are not subject to refunds and are prohibited

          • Defective Product Returns. Customer may return specific defective Products directly to the wholesaler within fifteen (15) days of the invoice date and receive at the discretion of CSG either a credit, replacement, exchange, or repair. After fifteen (15) days, only the manufacturer warranty applies. It is the consumers responsibility to inspect hardware for defects within the initial 15-day period.
          • Non-Defective Product Returns. Only with explicit consent from CSG may customers return certain non-defective products. Said returns are only applicable within thirty (30) days of invoice date. The Customer’s chosen credit or exchange will be given, minus a restocking fee; this will reduce the value of any such credit or exchange by a minimum of fifteen percent (15%).
          • Restricted, Manufacturer-Only Assistance. Certain Products cannot be returned to CSG for any reason—without exception—and it is solely up to the customer to contact the manufacturer directly for any needed assistance.

        Custom Orders.
          This refers to products that are specially ordered; orders that may be non-returnable; or have specific return restrictions that were provided at the time of sale. Examples of Custom Orders include but are not limited to the following:
        • Product Purchases over $200.00
        • Purchase of any same product on the same order or multiple orders within a consecutive sixty days that exceeds three in quantity
        • Any items purchased that is not in stock
        • Purchase orders and or any transaction that are financed
        • Broken/partial orders
        • Conditional Return Based on purchase price

    1. Customer Shipment of Returned Merchandise.
      Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number. Absolutely no returns regardless of the product or product type will be accepted, unless they are accompanied by a unique RMA number. RMA numbers are only obtained by providing the following information to the CSG RMA department: Name (that is on the Purchase Order) The subsequent invoice number. Product(s) serial number(s) Summary in detail of the discrepancies with said product(s). Pending an RMA number is warranted and thus provided, the customer has five (5) days from the issuance to return the product(s) Returns made after the five (5) day period and or those received without a valid RMA number will be considered “UNAUTHORIZED” Furthermore, CSG reserves and exercises the right to refuse any returns deemed “unauthorized.”

      • Returned Products Must Be Complete. Any incomplete returns will be refused.  All returns MUST BE COMPLETELY returned (no exceptions.) Any incomplete returns will be refused or subject to charge. This includes all the original boxes, packing materials, manuals, blank warranty cards, and any other accessories that were enclosed. CSG reserves the right and will refuse incomplete returns. Additionally, CSG will charge a minimum fifteen percent (15%) restocking fee for returns that are accepted.
      • User Error – Devices being returned for acceptable reasons must be as described when return is approved. Once device(s) are returned and it is discovered the device functions as intended CSG reserves the right to ship back to customer and applicable shipping fees shall apply.
      • Responsibility for Shipping Costs. It is the customer’s responsible for the cost of shipping returned items; CSG is responsible for the cost of shipping replacements or exchanges of returned items. CSG will match customer’s shipping method.
      • Customer Shipping Insurance. The customer is strongly advised when shipping returns to purchase at their expense adequate insurance to cover for loss and or damage in transit. It is also highly recommended that the customer uses a shipping method that provides proof of delivery. CSG is not responsible for providing shipping insurance coverage or loss and or damaged returns during shipment.

  1. Merchandise Damaged in Transit.

    • Refusal to Receive Damaged Products. If the customer receives a package from CSG damaged, The Customer should REFUSE to accept delivery from the carrier. If the customer does accept delivery of a damaged package, The customer must do the following: (i) note the damage on the carrier’s delivery record, so that CSG may file a claim; (ii) save, the merchandise as is,  AND the original box and packaging it arrived in; and (iii) promptly notify CSG either by calling the CSG RMA department or by contacting the vendor’s account manager to arrange for carrier’s inspection and pickup of the damaged merchandise. If the customer fails to comply with these instructions within fifteen (15) days of the delivery, The customer will be deemed to have accepted the merchandise as is and if arrived undamaged. Furthermore, said merchandise will be subject to CSG’S normal return policy, as described above in sections 1 and 2, and all current manufacturer warranties and restrictions will still apply.

  2. Credits

    Any credit(s) issued to the customer under this return policy must be used within one (1) year (365 days) from the date credit was issued. Credit(s) granted to the customer regarding return(s) can only be used for future transactions. Any unused credit(s) not used within the one (1) year period will terminate.

Replacement Units

CSG offers a 180-day from date of sale replacement policy for A-stock devices and a 90-day from date of sale replacement policy for UD-Stock devices. When your replacement request is approved, proof of shipment of the defective unit(s) is required before replacement units will be shipped. The RMA department will follow up with the customer 5 business days after approval if the faulty equipment is not returned. Otherwise, replacements will not be shipped until defective unit(s) are received or CSG has obtained proof of delivery. Replacements will be shipped immediately if they are in stock contingent on the proof of shipment. If replacement units are not in stock, shipment timelines may vary depending on unit availability and vendor lead time. All replacement units (when replacing defective units) are shipped with Ground shipping at no cost.

Any replacement request for faulty hardware, that has not been troubleshot, the RMA department will be contacting CSG support on behalf of the customer to troubleshoot before the final RMA resolution.

In urgent cases where the replacement device needs to be shipped before the original device can be returned, please contact CSG’s RMA team at [email protected] or contact your CSG sales representative. The RMA request will be processed as a ‘Refund’ and the customer will receive a sales quote to purchase the new equipment. When the RMA is returned the customer will receive a full refund. If the reason for return is not validated by Connected Solutions Group and the device appears to be in working order, the original device will be restocked, and standard fees will be assessed.

Please note that CSG reserves and shall exercise the right to replace devices with other like devices of similar function and value.


Ground Shipping costs will be covered by CSG via prepaid shipping label, CSG will not provide reimbursement for any other shipping labels used. Furthermore, in cases where the 15% restocking fee applies through our RMA department the return shipping fee will also be deducted from the refund. Our RMA department will provide return shipping labels as well as copies of approval documents for customer records. All replacement units (when replacing defective units) are shipped with Ground shipping at no cost. Upgraded shipping may be provided upon request at additional cost.

Approved units must be returned within 5 business days of approval. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of your RMA approval and/or additional processing fees. Orders are processed in the order they are received and expedited shipping orders, such as Priority and Express shipping, are elevated in priority to meet the delivery deadline. All orders are shipped from our location in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Orders placed are usually processed and shipped within 2-6 business days from the time the order is placed however this may vary depending on product availability and quantity. The tax rate is based on the shipping address and not the billing

Lost or Stolen Packages

Connected Solutions Group is not responsible for packages that are delivered to the wrong address due to an incorrect or incomplete shipping address provided by the customer.

If a package shows as delivered to your address but is missing, you must report the loss to Connected Solutions Group within 15 days from the ship date of your order. Once you have reported your lost package, we will launch an inquiry with our carrier about the lost package and attempt to have it recovered. If the carrier declares the package to be a complete loss, we will reship your order. Any additional shipping charges due to customer error will not be covered by Connected Solutions Group.

Customer Shipping Insurance. The customer is strongly advised when shipping returns to purchase adequate insurance to cover for loss and or damage in transit. It is also highly recommended that the customer uses a shipping method that provides proof of delivery. CSG is not responsible for loss and or damaged returns during shipment

Service Disclaimer. Except as otherwise expressly provided in an Agreement and except for any implied warranties or conditions or terms that cannot be excluded as a matter of law, Connected Solutions Group LLC does not make any representations, covenants, conditions or warranties whether expressed or implied, including warranties of satisfactory of finale service quality. CSG does not warrant that the functions or connectivity of products meet any specific requirements that the user may have, or that services will be error free or uninterrupted.