CSG is proud to support Verizon’s revolutionary One Talk VOIP Platform.

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CSG is proud to support Verizon’s revolutionary One Talk VOIP Platform.


Is a multi-line phone solution alternative to traditional landline business phone service that lets you share your mobile phone number across multiple devices, giving you access to business calls while on the go.  This revolutionary system allows you to move freely across devices, you can actually transition calls from a desk phone to a smartphone and back again seamlessly.  Calls ring on both your mobile and desk phones so customers can reach you anytime.  It’s all accomplished at rates that are typically far below standard landline rates. 
CSG has been an installation and integration partner since the product’s inception since 2016, and we are even a proud Verizon One Talk customer utilizing this product in our home office and with our remote staff across the country!  Our dedicated One Talk VST features VoIP experts with over 20 years of combined experience. This team can walk a customer through every facet of the migration to their new phone system,  including site surveys, call-tree and call-flow, assigning and recording automated receptionists and hunt groups, on-line portal training and demonstrations, physical on-site installation,  and long term post-installation support.   
CSG has successfully installed and supported Verizon One Talk in over 10,000 businesses across America.  Contact us today to learn how we are helping Verizon move businesses into the future with this revolutionary product. 


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