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What is an on-site survey, and why is it necessary for your installation?

| Zeva Maggiore

An on-site survey is an important part of nearly every installation we complete. Whether it’s for POTS replacement or interior and exterior router/antenna/adapter installs, a thorough inspection by our field services team ensures the final product will be built to your satisfaction and meeting the network requirements needs of your business.

Wondering what information we gather when we’re on-site?

Hardware, Tools and Equipment

Depending on the complexity of the project, on-site surveys are important to assess what types of special hardware, tools or equipment will be essential, especially for external applications. For example, will a ladder or a vertical lift be needed? Will there be adequate parking for heavy equipment without obstructing traffic? Do we need to drill through wood walls, brick, or concrete? Do we need more cabling to get around an obstruction in the ceiling? Ensuring we have the right tools and information in advance to complete the job is important because it gives us the best idea of what specific tools are necessary for a successful installation.

Network Strength Testing

Nothing worse than investing in slow internet, and an OSS is the preventative measure to ensure all speed testing is done on site before making the switch. Our team tests multiple locations for the ideal coverage and range and provides these results to our customer. Doing this allows us the ability to be on site for testing possible increased coverage options such as an additional access point or antenna that would otherwise be needed after the installation if an on-site survey was not done.


We carefully measure the location of existing hardware to where the new hardware will be installed. We also measure surface space to ensure the new applications will adequately fit the required space, or find additional install locations if required. Knowing measurements from Routers to antennas, Ethernet to hardware, or power to device allows us to ensure we have the correct amount of space and cabling required for the day of installation.


We take several photos at different angles and placement options during on-site surveys to show our team the locations where the components will be installed. These photos show the building or room’s architecture, existing telco locations & parts, wall features we need to avoid, measurements, surfaces & any potential obstructions we need to be made aware of.

Accessibility and Drilling

When we visit a site, we need to get a sense of the accessibility of the space. Fixed applications typically need drilling through materials whether it be wood, brick, or concrete, which changes the way installation is done and tools required. We also need to know how to access the locations for the day of deployment to ensure we have required access: doors unlocked, elevator access, floor level access… etc.

Added Value

Routers, access points, antennas, OH MY!

We don’t expect you to know how this works, or what the best way to install for optimal cellular connectivity is. Our teams are experts in their field and provide a consultative approach to obtain the best results that meet your business needs. Our experience and expertise are invaluable assets that come with years of training, and we look forward to using our skills to improve your business in the most comprehensive way possible.

As you can see, a site survey is an important first step to ensure your project is well planned and executed. For many larger jobs, we require an OSS to give an accurate estimate due to the many variables at play.

When you’re ready to get your business running on cellular connectivity, give us a call at 800-613-2218 or click on the link below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Written By Zeva Maggiore