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CSG Managed Services with Fortinet

Connected Solutions Group(CSG) – Premium Level Partner with the Verizon Wireless Channel Program specializing in hardware acquisition, technical consultation and managed services – today announced that it has launched a managed Secure SD-WAN service, powered by Fortinet‘s Secure SD-WAN solution and FortiExtender, enabled by Verizon 5G technology. With Fortinet’s secure networking solutions backing CSG’s new managed service, CSG customers will receive the same level of support they currently rely upon in the mobile sphere, expanding it to their entire business, protecting their most valuable assets and delivering enhanced user experience.

Connected Solutions Group’s channel sales managers and sales architects have the reach and ability to bring these solutions to the small to medium business market as well as properly address the needs of large enterprise-level customers, allowing business owners to focus on managing their organizations.

Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution enables the seamless convergence of SD-WAN and AI-powered security through a single operating system, FortiOS, and delivers a unified security and management framework for users and networks based on ASIC-accelerated SD-WAN.

“We are so excited to expand our offerings and relationship with Fortinet and their world-class solutions,” said CSG CEO Michael Pittman. “Our expanding focus on Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solutions for businesses across the United States has led directly into very serious discussions around network security,” he added. “It’s a tremendous concern for our customers who are excited about revolutionary 5G speeds but wary of how this impacts risk and the protection of critical data. To offer the industry’s best security products in-line with our 5G enabling hardware is a true best-case scenario for our customers.”

Connected Solutions Group will utilize its renowned managed services and channel partnerships combined with industry-leading secure networking technologies from Fortinet to shape the future of secure 5 G-connected workplaces.

Introducing Signal Hawks

Welcome to the era where a strong signal is the lifeline of every successful business.

In the fast-paced digital landscape, staying connected seamlessly is crucial for productivity and growth. That’s where Connected Solutions Group comes in, backed by their exceptional team known as Signal Hawks. In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey through the world of business connectivity and show you why partnering with Connected Solutions Group and their Signal Hawks team is the ultimate game-changer for your enhancement and network needs.

Your Connectivity Superheroes.

Picture this: a team of dedicated professionals, armed with expertise and a touch of magic, ready to take your business connectivity to the next level. Signal Hawks, the signal enhancement specialists within Connected Solutions Group, are the true heroes of your network challenges. With their unparalleled knowledge and passion for all things signal-related, they bring innovative solutions that are tailor-made for your unique business requirements.

Customized Solutions that Soar.

At Connected Solutions Group, cookie-cutter approaches have no place. Signal Hawks understand that each business is unique, with its own set of connectivity pain points. That’s why they craft custom solutions that address your specific needs and goals. They’re not just here to provide a quick fix; they’re here to design solutions that elevate your connectivity to new heights, ensuring you can navigate the digital world effortlessly.

Amplify Your Connectivity with Router Optimization.

Your router is the gateway to your digital universe, and Signal Hawks know exactly how to optimize it for maximum performance. They delve into the intricacies of your setup, fine-tuning every setting to ensure your signal strength and stability are rock-solid. Imagine the power of seamless streaming, lightning-fast downloads, and uninterrupted video conferences. Signal Hawks make it a reality, so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business.

Empowered by the Speed of 4G and 5G LTE

In the race for faster connectivity, Signal Hawks are at the forefront, armed with the latest advancements in 4G and 5G LTE services. They guide you through the complex world of wireless technology, providing expert consultations, seamless installations, and upgrades that put your business in the fast lane. Say goodbye to sluggish connections and hello to lightning-fast speeds, wider coverage, and unmatched network reliability.

Taking Flight Together.

Let’s hear it from those who have witnessed the Signal Hawks in action. Real businesses, just like yours, have experienced the transformational power of Connected Solutions Group’s customized solutions. From startups to enterprises, industries across the board have embraced the Signal Hawks advantage, reaping the benefits of increased efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Take a look at our latest project for the Town of Ashland.

Connected Solutions Group, fueled by the supercharged expertise of the Signal Hawks team, is your trusted partner for all your enhancement and network needs. With our customized solutions, router optimization wizardry, and mastery of 4G and 5G LTE services, we’ll empower your business to reach new heights of connectivity. It’s time to leave behind the frustrations of weak signals and embrace a future where your business soars above the competition.

Connect with Connected Solutions Group today and unlock the true potential of your business’s connectivity. Together with Signal Hawks, you’ll conquer the digital world with ease and confidence. Get ready to take flight! Learn more about Signal Hawks!

CSG Releases m106 LTE Gateway Router

Connected Solutions Group, LLC (CSG), a national leader in wireless hardware deployment and services, today announced that it is bringing its first in-house hardware product to market, the CSG m106 LTE Gateway Router. The router, designed to operate on the Verizon network, will be used for a wide range of business connectivity use cases.

“This is the next step in the evolution of CSG bringing dynamic and high-demand products into the market,” stated Michael Pittman, CEO at CSG, “We have spent over a year in development making sure the device meets standards worthy of our brand. In the end, we’ve built something made with outstanding quality and with more features than most routers that are anywhere near the price point we will be able to offer.”

Of the many features of the m106 Router, some of the key differentiators are its internal battery that will take over if external power is not available for up to eight hours; both WAN and LAN ethernet ports; IP passthrough mode; a cloud management portal with remote monitoring capabilities of the device; a pair of premium Panorama-4G/LTE Paddle antennas; inline failover capabilities; an included wall mount bracket; and a USB port that can output a charge to other devices.

A key motivation behind the device are the growing Business Internet (BI) offerings from Verizon. BI allows businesses to use the Verizon network as their primary internet service and requires a cellular connected router to facilitate the service for each customer.

“We’ve been a key player in BI ‘Business Internet’ since Verizon introduced it last year,” said Pittman, “As we’ve put thousands of routers into the BI program, use cases have become clear to us that require features not available on some entry-level routers. The m106 feature set solves for many of the needs that Verizon is positioning BI into.”

On the support side, CSG is backing up the device with included managed services and support for every Verizon BI customer who purchases the m106. “We are fully vested in every customer’s success with this device,” commented Pittman, “So it seemed natural to us to give six months of managed services with every sale. This support is with our own, US-based employees who will be here to hold the customer’s hand through any questions they may have, assure that the device is set up properly for every unique use case, and even proactively monitor device status for the customer.”

“At the end of the day, this is the CSG difference,” concluded Pittman, “We’re going to offer the best possible product backed by the best possible service in the industry. Our customers deserve it, Verizon customers deserve it, and, with the m106, we’re going to deliver it.”

To learn more and order visit: CSG m106 Gateway Router

CSG Launches POTSolve Solution

Connected Solutions Group, LLC (CSG), a national leader in wireless hardware deployment and services and a Verizon Elite VAR, today announced that it has reached an agreement with Verizon to sell its POTSolve devices and services directly through Verizon via their Business Solutions Store.

Michael Pittman, CEO at CSG, commented, “The sunsetting of POTS in the United States has been met in the business community as a confusing, expensive, and cumbersome problem with few good solutions. Challenges around how to make life safety systems, fax lines, and copper-based office phone systems operational and compliant in a post-POTS world have plagued businesses as they work to find budget-friendly and compatible solutions.” Pittman continued, “Today, finally, these issues are a lot less complicated to overcome. We are proud to introduce POTSolve: A fully integrated, easily deployed, financially efficient solution that will solve these challenges in most any business environment.”

The POTSolve solution is a device with an integrated wireless router operating on the Verizon network that provides seamless integration with existing POTS-based life safety systems, phone systems, and fax systems that a customer may have in their business telecommunications environment. It allows these systems to continue to operate, with full compliance, after existing POTS services are discontinued.

CSG views the market for their solution to be needed by a large percentage of businesses operating in the United States. Kyle Evans, Chief Business Development Officer at CSG said, “POTSolve is the solution to the POTS challenge that will be faced by tens-of-thousands of businesses in the United States. It is easily transacted through Verizon’s Business Solutions Store, is turnkey for businesses as it includes all needed hardware plus professional, nationwide installation, and is backed by outstanding customer support. As easily as a customer would historically order POTS service for their business, it is just as simple to order POTSolve.”

Telecommunications professionals have long anticipated the challenges with the end of POTS in the United States, often with concerns of the problems it may cause. CSG feels that it has a product with POTSolve that alleviates the long-standing concerns. Pittman commented, “The sunsetting of POTS does not have to be a stressful and challenging change for businesses. Instead, POTSolve has made it an opportunity for the introduction of a turnkey system using cutting-edge connectivity while simultaneously allowing continued use of legacy customer-owned systems. This is a win for everyone.”

Learn more about the POTSolve POTS replacement solution.

CSG Becomes Titanium Samsung Partner

Connected Solutions Group is proud to announce they have earned the highest tier of partnership available as a Samsung device reseller, recently renamed to TITANIUM.  There are only a select few to be in this top tier nationwide, which includes the highest level of discount along with a wide range of promotional and marketing tools in conjunction with Samsung.  Expect a full press release soon.

CSG Becomes Elite cradlepoint Partner

In Securing Elite Status, Connected Solutions Group Accelerates Its Delivery of High Value LTE and 5G Solutions to Growing and Diverse Customer Base

Connected Solutions Group, LLC (CSG), a national leader in wireless hardware deployment and services, today announced that it has reached Elite Partner status with Cradlepoint, a global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions for branch, mobile, and IoT networks. Of the multiple partner levels offered by Cradlepoint, Elite status is the highest. Elite status level is an indication of the volume sold by CSG, as well as its support abilities with a number of specially trained and certified Cradlepoint staff members.

“We have been thrilled in our growth with Cradlepoint. The quality of Cradlepoint’s hardware and its proprietary NetCloud network management system is a gamechanger for our customers,” said Michael Pittman, CEO at CSG. “Reaching Elite status with them is an honor and an indication of CSG’s commitment to offering the highest level of services and support around Cradlepoint products. We look forward to a bright future together with much more growth to come.”

CSG is a Cradlepoint solutions provider while also offering network design services, nationwide installation and full-scale managed services support. “We are installing Cradlepoint solutions in everything from ambulances for mobile data connectivity to football stadiums for emergency management support to our own patent-pending ruggedized deployable devices,” said Pittman. “Understanding our customer needs allows us to provide them with unique services, including 24/7 support on a subscription basis or helping reduce capital expenditure with our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) offering of Cradlepoint devices.”

“CSG goes that extra step to ensure that customer deployments are successful throughout the life of the project,” said Eric Purcell, Senior Vice President of Partners and Alliances at Cradlepoint. “CSG’s commitment to its customers and Cradlepoint is evident in the number of successful deployments and outcome-based solutions that transform how customers are adopting wireless to run businesses and enterprise-class applications. We could not be happier with our CSG partnership.”

About Connected Solutions Group

Connected Solutions Group, LLC (CSG) is a Richmond, Virginia-based leading VAR and wireless hardware deployment company. By bridging the wide gaps between development and deployment of M2M and IoT projects, CSG has created a true turnkey solution allowing customers to focus on building their applications while we design and implement cost-effective hardware to execute them efficiently. With services including MDM installation and support, custom programming, device staging and kitting, nationwide installation, and device activations, swaps and upgrades, CSG acts as the purchasing, fulfillment and installation team for our clients.

CSG Expands TELEHEALTH Offerings

Connected Solutions Group’s largest vertical has consistently been healthcare, even before the telehealth explosion. We have assisted organizations nationwide in providing monitoring for elderly care, post-hospital surgical monitoring, and increased visibility of home health patients with chronic disease states such as CHF, DM2, HTN, ESRD, COPD, etc.

Our offerings include a complete beginning to end process. We have partnerships with telehealth/remote patient monitoring software companies and peripheral vital sign monitoring device manufacturers. We offer MDM/UEM device management as well as device staging and kitting, and support with managed services. We are elite partners in the Verizon co-sell space and excel in procurement of secondary market tablets and cellphones for your patient portals.

We have on staff  Telehealth/RPM subject matter experts to streamline your needs and tailor a solution that fits your patient population. We offer assistance in obtaining medical billing experts to help with all applicable codes for reimbursable instances between physician and patient. We also offer quick assistance with suppling experts in connectivity to your new patient monitoring endeavor.

Let us know how CSG can help improve your company and create new avenues of communication and revenue today.

CSG releases powerful MCC Brute

We are proud to announce the release of the MCC Brute, the most robust and highest performing member of our Mobile Command Center line of products.  Boasting top-of-the-line dual modem Cradlepoint routers paired with the most powerful custom antenna system on our line, this Brute is designed to pull signal in the toughest environments and produce a true enterprise level data connection on even the most remote sites.  Initially engineered for a large scale power company that required top level performance at satellite sub stations, the testing process included signal assessments before and after utilizing the Brute.  In most circumstances the MCC Brute produced more than double the data speeds produced on standard handsets and tablets.  Contact us today to learn more about how this product is changing remote connectivity.

CSG’s Revolutionary CoDeX with Samsung set for Q3 release

Connecting a computer to cloud- or network-based resources from a remote area with limited internet connectivity is close to impossible without the right tools. Connected Solutions Group (CSG) helps solve this problem with its Mobile Command Center Mini, an LTE deployable device that delivers signal gain to adjacent devices. CSG’s strength is their “ability to take cellular-based hardware, accessories and service and bundle those all into a cohesive solution to deliver a seamless integration into a customer environment,” says CSG CTO John Wiseman. CSG takes its solution to the next level with its CoDeX capability, which enables Samsung smartphones to run a full mobile workspace in a remote environment. CSG CoDeX taps the power of Samsung DeX to enable a Windows virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) via a mobile device.

Businesses and agencies that use Windows or VDI for remote connectivity can use DeX-enabled mobile devices together with the CoDeX, instead of laptops, for remote computing. The Samsung phone or tablet connects to the CoDeX to power the full Windows or VDI experience.

Wiseman says CoDeX serves an underserved market that spans agencies, such as police, fire and emergency medical services (EMS), and businesses that provide field services. “Previously, if you wanted to deploy a rugged device such as this into the field, it was many thousands of dollars, and that was a barrier to many agencies and businesses,” he said.

Workers such as police officers and engineers can access critical applications in a full desktop experience. The Mobile Command Center Mini provides connectivity by strengthening a weak LTE signal, and the CoDeX product enables the Samsung phone or tablet to provide a desktop experience with large screen, keyboard and touchpad.

“If you do rely on Windows, it’s an easy transition,” Wiseman said. “We can host a virtual instance of Windows right here, through the Samsung device. If you were investigating the scene of a fire, you might need to take photos or take notes. You can do that from your phone, but then instead of having to return back to the department, you can have a full desktop experience right there while you’re still at the scene.”

CSG has optimized for the Mobile Command Center Mini and the CoDeX for field use by ruggedizing the components with an IP67 rated enclosure for weatherproofing and drop resistance. Users can power the device via AC outlet, vehicle charger or solar power. The high-gain antenna of Mobile Command Center Mini is built into the device cover, which eliminates the risk of breakage associated with stick and paddle antennas.

Contact us to learn more about this revolutionary technology from CSG.